"Reddin puts managers in a position to
raise their effectiveness and that of their team
or organisation by an all important extent."

3-D Managerial Effectiveness Seminar (3-D MES)

‘What is expected from me?’
‘As a manager how am I perceived?’
‘What is my position about?’
‘Do I get the most from my team?’
‘Do I get the most from each team member?’
‘How do I become a more effective manager?’
‘Haven’t I got too many tasks on me?’
‘Don’t I take the wrong tasks on?’
‘As a manager do I see myself the way I am?’
‘Can I do my work with more fun and ease?’

In the 3-D Managerial Effectiveness Seminar (3-D MES) participants will tackle these kinds of questions and answer them.

Design of 3-D MES
Participants at 3-D MES
The five phases of learning in 3-D MES
Management behaviour
Open ended course days
Characteristics of 3-D MES
Experiences with 3-D MES
Benefits to organisations

Design of 3-D MES

3-D MES is a 5-day management training away from the office. A typical training begins at 5.00PM on the first day and closes round 1.00PM on the sixth day following, usually spans from a Sunday evening through to a Friday lunch-time. Hours are long and intense. Each day’s work begins at 8.00AM in plenary session. Often participant teams will work past midnight. Circa 80% of training time is being spent in team rooms. A typical team will consist of 5 or 6 managers. Participants that are together in the work place will not normally be allocated the same team.

During the training ‘Effectiveness’ is the central topic and theme.
The program has been built on three important pillars:

Situational management
Team management
Output management

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3-D MES confronts teams with a range of defined problems that they must solve. Problems often turn out to relate to methods by which manager effectiveness can be achieved through recognition of their situational reality and an effective approach to solve these. Teams will solve such problems in their team room, following which they will present and discuss their solutions with the other teams in the main conference room to compare their effectiveness, decision-making process and execution.

Goal of 3-D MES is to internalise the knowledge, attitude and skills relative to the principles of Effective Leadership, in such a manner that they become self-evident in the manager’s behaviour at work.

Participants at 3-D MES

3D EM has been developed for the benefit of managers at all levels. It is a defiant learning program for experienced managers from bachelor thinking level upwards. In ‘open’ subscription trainings managers from many an organisation and enterprise partake. Such multi-facetted background and experience proof to add an exceptionally valuable element to the training.

The five phases of learning in 3-D MES

The training can be subdivided in five different learning phases:

Preparatory work: The phase of acquainting one-self with the Reddin principles.
Days one and two: The phase of the learning to master the Reddin concepts.
Day three: The phase of applying the Reddin principles in case studies.
Days four, five and six: The phase of applying Reddin principles on participant’s true situations at work.
Practice phase and closing day: The implementation phase.
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Management behaviour

An important step when improving ones effectiveness is the awareness of one’s own management behaviour. If a manager believes his / her style to be a relationship orientated one, whilst in truth it is task orientated, such distortion will lead to a lesser effectiveness of his or her. A larger consciousness is needed to focus on one’s own management behaviour, one’s own situation and one’s own effectiveness. The training achieves this by means of a number of methods and processes. One method is the use of certain tests, for instance the style transformation test to measure style distortion. Another method is the measurement in case studies of manager styles for comparison with those of other managers. Style consciousnesses methods are based largely on test case studies and questionnaires, team and plenary discussions on the resulting agreements and diversions.
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Open ended course days

The training has been designed on purpose and diligently to leave open ends in terms of daily course hours. Whilst course days would begin in plenary session at 8.00AM sharp, there is no formal end of the day, except for the last one around 1.00PM. The evening leg is left relatively open-ended. At times teams will work late. Teams will be asked to reach consensus and not stop till they have succeeded. One is stimulated to openly communicate and to show one’s own and true manager behaviour.

Characteristics of the 3-D MES

The training leaves the responsibility for individual development with participants themselves, that is to say they become the ‘case’ managers of their own development. Generally this is regarded an important characteristic of 3-D MES.
The course method ‘Action Learning’ as a model applies, thus team learning replaces individual manager development, an important yet typical course experience.
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Experience 3-D MES

“Now I know what manager effectiveness is and how to deploy it.”
“It challenges me to solve the problems that I have been avoiding for years. “
“I am delighted to learn so much about myself.”
“I have come here with a chip on my shoulder, now I leave filled with self-confidence and new ideas for the future. “

These are just a random number of comments arising from the 3D EM experience.
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Benefits to organisations

3D EM provides a vehicle for change throughout the organisation as it is based on effectiveness, on a common management ‘lingo’ and on role clarity. It is particularly suitable to improve teamwork, flexibility and to open up communications to achieve corporate objectives.
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Enrolment ‘3-D Managerial Effectiveness Seminar (3-D MES)

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Open subscription training,
Open subscription training,

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3-D Managerial Effectiveness Seminar (3-D MES)

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