"Reddin puts managers in a position to
raise their effectiveness and that of their team
or organisation by an all important extent."


"This seminar has tremendously helped me to lay me a great stepping stone for my position. Now I can accept my management responsibilities with much more confidence."
Training Manager Citibank

"One of the best courses I've ever been to."
IBM Business Operation Manager

"Very intense, thus a significant drain on my energy levels. High impact of understanding and theory ... Educational group process. Professional feedback from the team. Leaves me overall feeling good about it. “
Management Development Manager Hewlett Packard

"Positive. Great value, especially given the understanding of management styles and the team process for an excellent application back at the ranch. “
Business Manager Rockwool

"Very positive, with high added value, both personal and business".
Area Marketing Manager KLM Passenger Sales & Services

"Very positive, by emphasizing two orientation components (Task / Relationship), both major and independent of each other, my insight has increased and the knowledge easier to apply in practice.
Product Line Manager Philips

"More baggage to carry out my work effectively. Sharpening the style awareness. Very enlightening “
Finance Manager Siemens

"Valuable. Reflective. Inspiring. Enthusiasm ".
Section leader Duracell

"Much more practical and more valuable than thought.’
Marketing Manager Sappi

"Inspiring, fun, tiring but definitely worthwhile. Nice team.
Head Office Project TNO

"Sharper picture of how I behave and what I would want to do differently."
Process Engineering Manager Heineken

"Very intense, but not too intense. Varying, time flies ... positive, great value ".
Information Manager KLM

"Experience is very positive. Handles given to be used in practice. Teambuilding essential and realised “
HR Officer Carrier

"Excellent: high value. Awareness / situational analysis + conceptual framework very well “
Marketing Director DSM Stanyl.

Open management training:
3-D Managerial Effectiveness Seminar (3-D MES)

Anglophone Seminar,
14 - 19 November 2021 Harare

Lusophone Seminar

Francophone Seminar


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